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You might know that I am now working from my own studio and I am delighted to be able to do voice work from here so if you need a voice for whatever project, advertising, online, video etc.. please do think of me! I can provide broadcast quality recordings in virtually any format usually quickly! Until I can put up some direct links to voice samples in this space, here is a link to my Fiverr page where you can hear me. Thanks!

Samples of Carls voice at the Fiverr website

Meanwhile to our website. Much of it was created several years ago and we have been remiss in doing very little updating in recent times. Despite the disclaimer please do have a nose around. You'll discover interests and stories and a good deal of history. And you'll soon find out that Switzerland features just a bit! Talking of Switzerland, I am reminded of our dear friend and fellow Swiss broadcaster Mike Parkin who died back in 2016. My last contact with Mike was at Christmas time, a magical time in Switzerland, and I thought I would put my tribute to my mate Mike here in case you'd like a listen again.

My Mate Mike - my audio tribute

Radio BeO's tribute in Swiss German
The website of the Goss family.