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Mike Parkin died on June 2nd 2016. I have put together a 'final' special for Infotourist. Please do click the link below and have a listen to my thoughts on my mate Mike. Oh and Mike... sorry it's over length again!!

My Mate Mike

I have also re-established audio of the last Infotourist, Mike's retirement tribute, Rosemarie's last show and Bob Zanotti's lovely interview with Mike and Rosemarie on our Infotourist page

Click for our Infotourist Page


Liz and Rod Cole
Thanks Carl for such a fabulous tribute. We miss Info tourist tremendously both at home and in Switzerland, however we have such fabulous memories of Mike that we will always treasure and also the contacts we have made through him and the programme. We are thinking of all his family and friends at this very sad time.

Audrey and Dave
R.I.P. Mike Parkin Upon return from holiday Audrey and I are so very sad to hear of Mike's passing (June 2nd) just days after his 70th birthday...

Gerald Funnell
A very sad day - Mike Parkin is dead. He stimulated very many of us
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